Taupo Airport Webcam

Taupo is a town in the central North Island of New Zealand. It lies at the northern end of Lake Taupo, at its outlet into the Waikato river. With a surface area of approximately 616 square kilometers, Lake Taupo is the focal point for the town and its people and to truly appreciate it you really need to head out on it. There are many hidden bays and some spectacular views to be had from on the water. Well worth a look are the large Maori rock carvings which can only be accessed by water. Taupo's urban centre is very compact and it is within easy walking distance of most Hotels, Motels and Hostels as are a number of the more popular activities.

Taupo Weather Webcam
Take a look at what the weather is doing live from Taupo and Mt Ruapehu.

Taupo Gliding Club Webcam

Taupo gliding club is always delighted to welcome new members to the exciting and challenging sport of soaring! Gliding Instructors are qualified volunteers and do not charge for their instructional time. To make your decision easier, we have summarised several options for your consideration.

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