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From what we have gathered by spending some time in Southeast Asia, when you pay for services of this variety you get the company of the woman for longer than just the main event. She is with you through the next day, and in some cases she is your temporary girlfriend, in which you would take her to dinner, drinks, I have even seen some ‘couples’ shopping together. It is such a common practice in some countries that hotels will charge a “Lady Joiner Fee”.


Phnom Penh is agiant red light district, with go-go or ‘hostess’ girly bars the most public example of Cambodian sex tourism. Although the government is raising efforts to eliminate illegal brothels, gambling halls and karaoke parlours, these are not places that Westerners would usually know about, let alone visit.


For those of you looking to avoid unpleasant surprises when coming back at the hotel, or being smacked with unexpected "joiner fees" added to the bill upon checkout, I have compiled a lists of hotels which are known to have "guest friendly" policies. The hotels on these lists are very popular with like minded visitors and are also known to respect the privacy of their guests. But most importantly, none of them levy any extra charges for bringing back unregistered guests.



Cambodian Bars and Bar Girls

Loco Bar is fast becoming the first boutique bar in Phnom Penh, with its rapidly gaining reputation as a place to be for a great night out. If you wish a quiet drink or some friendly company the bar’s stylish design, comfortable seating, intimate lighting will provide for your wishes. With a wide selection of music or if preferred, you can request your own, regardless of which there’s always a great atmosphere here, with ice-cold beer, a wide range of spirits and if you get hungry we can arrange for snacks or bigger meals.



Accommodation Options


Restaurants and Dining Out

Cadillac Bar and Grill is a American style bar which serves burgers, pasta and some Asian food with Blues and rock and roll. They also deliver food to your house between 10am and 11pm, if you order for more than $10. Cadillac Bar and Grill is located on Street 1 (Preah Sisowath Quay) with house number #219E in Phsar Kandal 1 Commune, Daun Penh District, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


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